What’s the plan? Starting something new — How to become a professional Blogger?

5 04 2011


Certainly there is something really appealing to being able to sit at home and just write all day long (like my friend Lisa). If I could make money doing it that would be even better.

So where to start? Degree? No. Internet Connection? Check. Twitter? Check. WordPress? Sorta.

You need to be interesting and write about semi-interesting things. How do you translate all that information that flows into your brain, pin-point cultural and social references and then talk about cool things like Technology?

So as a nerd in the sea of wordpress bloggers, what kind of things do you random visiters feel keep you coming back to your favorite blogs? I am really interested in hearing the opinions of all 6 of you who will visit today.

Should I do a better review of my Desire Z? Yes.





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