No news is good news: Why talking about CR-48 is not real-tech-journalism

14 12 2010


Some of you may have heard that Google is beta-testing their release of Chrome OS on a piece of hardware dubbed the CR-48.

Shortly after it’s release, we saw many of the attendees flood the blog-sphere with impressions and excitement that they were going to be taking home a new laptop to review.


There are hundreds of reviews pointing to a piece of software and hardware that will never make it into the consumers hands.

Chrome OS as a project is available to everybody in an unsupported form. There are a few groups out there pushing their own builds so you can try it on your existing laptop and experience what Google is trying to do with this OS.

The problem I have is that Engadget and PCworld are running reviews negatively as if this were a product we will be seeing, when it is not. What Google is offering us is a beta-test, that’s it. The hardware is not fully functional, the software is still in the works and there is nothing that is worth noting TODAY because it will be different tomorrow.

Similarly, the leaked versions of Windows 7 a few years ago had people in an up-roar about the lack of changes. Bloggers where filling comment pages with opinions that it was a terrible project that left much to be desired, when in fact those builds simply did not have all the native software.

What I desire is some integrity. Chrome OS is a game changer in a lot of ways, some ways in which people will not be able to talk about until more people are under its influence. Just like the iPhone made a difference in how we interact with applications and use our smart-phones, google’s design for this OS and it’s ties to cloud computing could be a major step in cutting back the tons of media garbage (in forms of USBs, CDs, and bandwidth), and a focus on offering content through a refined medium.

Right now Installing, saving, loosing, hardware dying, people forgetting to press save are manageable in a different way. Google’s attempt is to show us that way because right now people are still stuck in a very limited and wasteful form of computing.




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