Sparking the Dream – the lure of Microsoft

13 08 2010

It was a fluke, but I happened to stumble upon a strange website from Microsoft named,”Dream Spark”

(C) Microsoft

Simply put, this is Microsoft’s way to attract student developers into using their products. Since I am moving into Computer Science at my local university, I thought this was a good time to take advantage.

So far so good, although you find the basic development software for hobbyists, found under the ‘Express’ moniker I’m also downloading a copy of Visual studio 2010 and benefiting from excellent links to Discounted software that is even cheaper than my Campus’ store.

If you’re a student in the US, Canada (like myself), or the UK, I think you’ll benefit from the resources on this site. If you’re interested in Development in general, check it out, though the Express series has great documents and info for learning how to program in the Language you prefer.




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