The 1000th Prime number is 7919?

10 04 2010

One of the great advantages of the inter-tubes is the access to valuable information. I have been following MIT’s Open Course Ware, specifically their 6.00, An introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

The course uses Python to introduce them to the world of Programming. As a hobbyist, I’ve had an opportunity to play with C/C++, Java and even a little bit of Visual Basic. With the exception of C++ more recently, I haven’t dedicated enough to time learn the skills needed to develop applications.

This is where OCW’s 6.00 class comes in, I have the lectures, handouts and problems and can follow along almost as well as a MIT student. Unfortunately I am not at MIT, but I have applied for Computer Science at my local University and am waiting to get in. In order to prepare myself better, I’ve decided to follow this resource in an attempt to learn Python.

Anyways, after a few days of not solving their section assignment, I suddenly had a good night and managed to program my way out of Problem set 1. I will post the result later tonight.





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14 06 2010


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