Ubuntu 10.4 Netbook Remix and Me

27 03 2010

Ubuntu’s newest release is a few weeks away and they released their Beta version of 10.4 last week.

I’m generally a casual user of GNU/Linux software. I have toyed with various distributions for the last 10 years. More recently, just before the release of Windows 7, I switched my PC to Kubuntu and haven’t looked back since.

They have several releases based around different Window managers. The two most popular among new users are the standard Ubuntu Desktop Edition and Kubuntu. Ubuntu uses the Gnome Windows manager, while Kubuntu uses KDE Plasma. Both have their strengths, both can run thousands of GNU/GPL licensed (Free) software. For my purposes, Kubuntu looks amazing and reminds me of a good mix of Windows Navigation with OS X’s ease of use and stability.

Another edition the Ubuntu community delivers is the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which is designed for users who want the Ubuntu experience on a small Netbook screen, or just prefer a more intuitive desktop. Myself, I have an Aspire One netbook, which although includes Windows 7 Starter, I found myself installing UNR on this machine.

From 9.10, the Netbook remix is very solid. Battery life, choice of software, speed and stability are all top-notch. The main desktop is streamlined to show me the programs I want to launch without digging through too many menus. Icons are crisp and large and navigation and hot-keys work well when I don’t want to keep going back to the trackpad to launch something new.

Draw backs are that since it is still beta, I am having some battery and fan issues. Things just don’t add up. Sometimes the system drops into suspend because it says it is low, however it is on a full charge. Fan does seem to run a little high considering I did not experience the same noise from it while using 9.10.


  • Great Ubuntu/Gnome Experience
  • More refined: colours, layout, and experience


  • Not yet stable
  • Title bar is still too large
  • Several programs have issues displaying windows in view.

I’ve also had the chance to play with Moblin, seeing as how it is developed by Intel. I expected a good experience for a netbook. I’ll write my experience in the net day or two when I’m done.




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