Bilbo Blogger, Dolphins and Punk Rawk Adv3nture Kittie

21 03 2010


It’s been a productive morning. I’m in between shifts, and the day is mine to seize. Ubuntu released their beta of Lucid and I am downloading on my Kubuntu based PC as we speak.

I’m lucky enough to be able to wake up to Radio in the mornings, specifically CBC Radio One. I was listening to a piece about the Documentary, ‘The Cove’. Regardless of ones feelings towards these films, I was interested in the film-makers opinions and tales of making the movie.

Due to the Oscar win, a few countries are certainly promoting and riding the Dolphin frenzy. The information he quoted on Mercury content in many fish struck me. Although I don’t live near the ocean anymore, I did grow up in a small Maritime community that has a strong fishing heritage. Seafood was a regular meal, and the idea that much of the sea-food in the Ocean is contaminated with various metals and toxins is tough to swallow. You grow up learning the benefits of seafood, thinking it is the healthiest, in reality however that may not be completely true. The Japanese corporations that send Dolphin meat to schools across Japan doesn’t seem far fetched. Apparently is regulated but so that it still has poisonous amounts of Mercury, as humans we don’t always see the affects like immediately, and I know most rural people could care less. Feel free to take that very summarized version of his details with a grain of salt and do your own research.

On that note, I’m writing this from Bilbo Blogger. A blogging client written for Linux under a GNU licence. If you’re like me and run GNU/Linux software on a laptop of desktop, and blog. Go check it out. It’s been stable so far. Just remember to click the [ABC Check] button if you want instant spell checking. Took me a few minutes to figure that out.

I have few goals for today, personal items mostly. I did find my web came and should probably make a quick video tutorial for my X-Session. It keeps getting pushed back because I have too many hobbies, and my attention is easily diverted.

If anyone out there has questions about the X-Session, Bilbo Blogger, or Ubuntu/Kubuntu feel free to comment and I’ll be happy to help out.

Be well,





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