Ipod chronicals

22 01 2010

Well I am just on my break and I wanted to try out a few itouch apps for blogging. It is always nice to be able to touch base with my blog from where ever I am.

Unfortunately, where ever I am doesn’t always have direct Internet access. In the 10’s, all of our content is online. My desktop is basically a heavier, noisier, and bigger itouch. Yes it can play 3d games however my days are spent with Firefox or in mushclient. It seems all that power is no longer needed for my computing needs.

A lot of pod-casts and blogs I follow talk about this change. Cell phones and hand-helds connect us to the content we want without needing to hold things locally, this is the basics of ‘Cloud-Computing’. We now put our trust and security in companies and Internet providers to keep our identities safe. The bad news is that is not a responsibility they have to take, but many of my friends do not understand what it means to publish the details of their lives, or keep their stories and writings on a public blog.

What do we do when these services are no longer free or disappear? If I may use a poor analogy: as our data raises to the ‘Cloud’ it will eventually have to rain as the cloud becomes saturated. Where those drops land will not be where you are, or, where you would expect them to be.




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